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Colorful Loving Room 2.jpg
Colorful Loving Room 5.jpg

Wallpaper: Serena & Lilly

                Fallbrook, Palm Green


Area rug: Multi-colored braided "rag rug"

Colorful Loving Room 3.jpg

This family room started out with bright lime green walls which also wrapped into the adjoining dining room and kitchen. I was glad to see that my clients weren't afraid of color, but we needed to ensure that this was accomplished a way that wasn’t quite so over stimulating.


With three young kids in the home, this room gets a lot of use and the family wanted it to be a fun space for them all to enjoy. The leafy wallpaper really made the space feel alive and the colorful rag rug is laid back and low maintenance.


We opted for a round dining table which fit the small space better and a funky brass chandelier above. 

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