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Kitchen Living Room 1.jpg

Wool rea rug: Surya, Caesar

Pullman House 2.jpg
Pullman House 1.jpg

Sometimes a simple, neutral design is just what the doctor ordered. 


My clients were in the middle of building their home and soon realized they weren’t prepared to make all the decisions regarding color and material selections; they also lived out of town which made this process more difficult for them. I gladly stepped in with no more than a phone call and their floor plans to help guide them through their decision-making. 


They loved the large black cabinet hardware and the honed granite countertops we selected. The black and white backdrop will allow them to change out their dishes and accessories with ease. Wood and black metal were used throughout with accents green and rust accents in the textiles for warmth.


The wood shutters will help to block out excessive light when desiredand they add a rich, custom look.

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